Thursday, July 12, 2012

The site is live now!

It's taken a long time for it to happen, with the delay entirely down to other work pressures, but at long last the first version of is on the web.

It is a very special site which I am sure will provide a new kind of free online gaming experience for you to enjoy:

Firstly, the site features only the very best, highest quality games. There are no buggy games that will crash at a crucial point during gameplay. All the games have been fully tested to ensure they work properly, all the way through. And there are no games which spawn pop-up windows or any other annoying tricks. There are just very good games for you to play.

Secondly, there are no tricks or gimmicks anywhere in the site. There are no click-through pages - when you click on a game link, you go straight to the game page and can play it immediately (once it has loaded). And there are no pop-up or pop-under advert windows anywhere to get in the way of your gaming fun. has three equally high-quality "sister" sites too, all with names that will hopefully be just as self-explanatory:, and

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